A downloadable game for Windows

The product of a few months of work, Eien Vis was made by Danillo "Volpe" Campany (Programming / Coding), Arthur "Jace" Yan (Art) and Bruno Sampaio (?).

In Eien Vis you control Kuma, Will's teddy bear, during the night with one simple objective: Protect your child from Nightmares.

Arrows - Move
Z - Melee Attack
X - Ranged Attack
Shift - Sprint/Dash
Enter - Start Next Wave
Esc - Open Menu
(In between levels, click at the bed to start the next night or click
at the door to exit the game)

The development of Eien Vis has come to halt due to college (the very thing that brought it to existance) and new projects we are working on. We still doesn't know if we'll continue developing it

Install instructions

Just unpack the .rar somewhere and have fun! :)


Eien Vis v1.1.rar 25 MB

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